DUIs and DWAIs

We’ll fight to protect your driving privileges in all DUI and DWAI related matters including:DUI

  • Negotiating a plea.
  • Taking a case to trial and/or motions hearings.
  • Representing you in Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) hearings.
  • Dealing with license suspensions and revocations.
  • Depending on your BAC(Blood Alcohol Level) or refusal to take a chemical test you could be facing revocation of your license. The consequences for repeat offenders with mandatory jail sentencing can be severe. Non- U.S. citizens may face an immigration hold at the onset of the charges or at the time of sentencing. There are many ways an experienced attorney can defend your rights with DUI charges and potentially help to avoid immigration consequences.
    Our experienced attorneys representing these matters have years of experience in driving under the influence of alcohol cases. We have the experience to push for the dismissal of the charges or demand a better plea agreement. We offer full representation at fixed rates and handle every aspect of your DUI/DWAI from start to finish. Call us today for your free attorney consultation and ask about our payment plans! 303-886-7187