Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges can carry significant consequences in Colorado with the policies of mandatory arrest and temporary restraining orders. In far too many instances couples struggling through their relationship in their homes are pulled into a complicated and troubling legal matter as a result of Colorado’s stance on Domestic violence issues. Once the police are called to the scene of a domestic dispute if the officer finds probable cause that a crime or offense involving domestic violence occurred the law states the officer shall make an arrest. Many couples have found out that it does not matter if the alleged victim does not want to press charges nor if they do not want a protection order, the State will go forward with an arrest, prosecution, and restraining order. Give us a call now, and for no cost to you set a time to talk one of our attorneys about how we can clear up any confusion and how we can help you with any of the following aspects of Domestic Violence: Family Immigration

  • Temporary Restraining Orders– modifications, violations of the order.
  • How Colorado defines domestic violence and common additional charges– child abuse charges, physical violence, destruction of property, locking out of the house, emotional abuse, economic abuse etc…
  • What defenses are available?– denial, defense of self, defense of property.
  • What are the results of plea bargain, deferred sentence, or conviction– loss of job, DoD Directive 5220.6 and security clearance, professional license and bonds, military service and pension, mandatory treatment programs and costs, student loans and military benefits, etc…
  • What are the Immigration Consequences for these charges because I am a foreign national or a U.S. permanent Resident? Immigration holds, deportation, applying for citizenship.