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The Law Office of Walsh & Associates, P.C.
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Learn How We Can Give You
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Are you frustrated with the lack of service many Denver lawyers offer?  Here’s good news for you…

Hello, I’m attorney Robert Ernesto Walsh, and my community-focused law firm provides quality legal services for English and Spanish-speaking clients in Denver, Colorado, and the greater metro area.

In addition, we offer income-based assistance with legal fees… Ask if you qualify for reduced rates during your free consultation!

I believe no one deserves to go without much-needed legal help, simply because they can’t afford most attorneys’ fees– or because they don’t qualify for state-sponsored indigent services.

If you need legal help, legal advice, or personal attorney representation, my firm of dedicated professionals can help you with:

  • Immigration services (including spousal/fiancée visas, family immigration, citizenship & naturalization, deportation defense, etc.)
  • And mediation and dispute resolution


No Money?
No Problem!
We Offer Flexible Payment Plans

We understand in our troubled economy, it challenging for hard-working people to pay for legal fees upfront.

That’s why, in addition to offering income-based help to those who qualify, we also offer everyone flexible payment plans with a low initial payment.

So go ahead and call us today for a free, no-obligation attorney consultation while it’s fresh on your mind.

I look forward to serving you!

Your Friend,
Robert Ernesto Walsh

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