Criminal Defense

Before You Get A Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer, Here’s Why It Pays to Talk to Me, First…

We represent clients in a wide variety of criminal charges, but we specialize in misdemeanors and low class felonies, including:

  • DUIs
  • DWAIs
  • Driving under suspension
  • Most traffic offenses

We’ll work hard to negotiate a plea agreement or take your case to trial for a low low lump-sum fee.  Call us today at 303-886-7187 for your free, no-obligation attorney consultation.

DUIs and DWAIs

DUIWe’ll fight to protect your driving privileges in all DUI and DWAI related matters including:

  • Negotiating a plea
  • Taking a case to trial
  • Representing you in Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) hearings
  • Dealing with license suspensions and revocations

We offer full representation and handle every aspect of your DUI/DWAI from start to finish.

Immigration Consequences for Criminal Acts

If you’re currently without legal immigration status and you’ve been charged with a criminal act, don’t hesitate – immediately contact an attorney.

If you believe you’ll suffer immigration consequences for a criminal charge, then the time to take action is now.

Don’t wait for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to put a hold on you and deport you.  Because once you’re in deportation, there are few defenses available to keep you in the country.

Hire an attorney to ensure that you get the charge reduced – or you’re able to negotiate a settlement that doesn’t involve spending a single day in jail.

If you can keep out of jail, then most likely ICE know your transgression, and you can prevent deportation.

To help you out in your time of crisis, we offer affordable payment plans and no hidden fees for representation.

That means you’ll pay just one lump sum to keep you away from deportation – even if we take your case to a lengthy and time consuming trial.

So please call us now for a free, no-obligation attorney consultation…

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